Hey, it's Shifra. I'm building a better way for Pakistanis to invest their money.

19 y/o from Karachi, based in Toronto. Taking a gap life.

I've been the youngest intern at KPMG, feature engineered at one of Canada's largest banks, designed a public health intervention, controlled stuff with my brainwaves, and gotten hired by the GP of a Pakistani VC-firm off of Twitter.

Stuff I've Done:

Most recently, I was a generalist at i2i Insights, occasionally working with i2i Ventures.

Before that, I was on a team designing a maternal mortality public health intervention with the Jigawa State Government in Nigeria.

I've also worked on the advanced analytics team at CIBC, one of Canada's largest banks, and was an intern on KPMG Canada's cyber team.

I'm very excited by BCI technology, and got my start with a project that involved controlling a 3D-printed car with my brainwaves.

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